The Environmental People provides expertise related assessing hydrologic, ground, and surface water systems. These assessments are used in a variety of applications, such as: planning and permitting for water supply, water and stormwater management, reuse and conservation, and effluent disposal; hydrologic network design and assessment; and in designing remediation systems. We are currently assisting the City of Winter Springs with installing a new water supply well and are conducting a risk assessment and vulnerability study of the City’s current well fields. This study is being performed to address chlorinated solvents that were recently discovered in groundwater the City obtains from Floridan aquifer system.



The Enivonrmental People is an environmental, engineering, and ecological consulting firm providing services in the public, industrial and private sectors. 

The Environmental People often uses modeling software to accurately and efficiently simulate surface water, groundwater flow and dilute transport.  Modeling software selected for projects is flexible and expandable for future applications not covered by initial modeling objectives.  Setup and development groundwater models provide a framework within which data can be organized and a conceptual understanding of the site is gained.  Flow and transport models can also reveal data gaps that can be useful in guiding development of a field investigative and cleanup program.  Potential contaminant migration pathways and potential receptors can be identified.  The resultant information can be used to further support or guide a risk assessment and remedial programs.