Effective Site Characterization requires experience, knowledge of geology, and an understanding of the nature of the chemicals released. In some instances a site requires multiple drilling events to characterize a release. When hiring the experienced professionals at The Environmental People, you can be assured that the value of the client’s dollar is of utmost concern and that our technical expertise is being applied with this in mind.

Our Subsurface Investigation team is well versed in federal, state and local regulations governing how data is collected and analyzed, and what cleanup levels will be required. Our clients find that because of the accuracy of our Site Characterizations and our knowledge of remedial processes and regulations, our Remedial Cost Estimates are both reasonable and realistic.



During a Site Characterization, the goal of our engineers and geologists is twofold:

  1. Define the extent of the problem and
  2. Collect the data necessary to develop a remedial design and a realistic cost estimate to take the site through regulatory closure..

Our Site Characterization services include:

  • What type of chemical was released, when and what are its characteristics
  • Soil gas / soil vapor analysis and migration
  • Vapor intrusion assessment
  • Contaminant plume delineation and flow – horizontal and vertical
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Groundwater / surface water / vapor monitoring
  • Data gap analysis
  • Stormwater management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Regulatory support
  • Opinion of cost to closure
  • Third-party review
  • Risk assessment / toxicology
  • Litigation support and expert witness

Mr. Cook was able to meet our demanding schedule of reporting. We are developers of
affordable housing that require applications to government agencies. Many of those
applications had deadlines within weeks of each other. Along with keeping up with the
hectic schedule, Mr. Cook was flexible with our ever changing demands. Mr. Cook
communicated pertinent information on each property as necessary and provided
complete reports in a timely manner.

Sandspur Housing Partners

Steve Cook has worked on numerous, varied projects which I have managed for
Walt Disney World Co. over the last ten years. In the course of these projects, he
has shown a wide range of talents from geo-technical expertise and waste handling
to budget management.

I have found him to be knowledgeable in the regulatory schemes for remediation
projects and professional in all aspects of project management. I know him to be a
person of high integrity in both his personal and professional lives.

Walt Disney World Co.