Our consulting firm specializing in hydrogeological studies; contamination and geochemical assessments. Other areas the Company specializes in include: Phase I and Phase II site assessments; remedial oversight and mitigation: well hydraulics; compliance audits, petroleum and hazardous waste investigations; and water resource development. Our Company, founded in 1993, offers a broad range of expertise to public and private customers. While the Company may be small, its principals have managed over 200 projects and management of projects totaling over 10 MM dollars in fees and services. We focus on the system-wide evaluation of information to define long-term solutions and minimize overall project costs to our customers.


Property owners, purchasers, and lenders may face the potential for liability in the form of clean-up costs and/or reduced property value due to contamination. Liability can extend beyond the party responsible for causing the contamination, and can affect the current owner or purchaser of a contaminated property as well any lender involved in the purchase. As such, a Phase I ESA is often required by a bank or insurance company in order to determine whether there is a history of contamination or potential for contamination, before approving the transaction.


Effective Site Characterization requires experience, knowledge of geology, and an understanding of the nature of the chemicals released. In some instances, a site requires multiple drilling events to characterize a release. When hiring the experienced professionals at The Environmental People, you can be assured that the value of the client’s dollar is of utmost concern and that our technical expertise is being applied with this in mind.

Our Subsurface Investigation team is well versed in federal, state and local regulations governing how data is collected and analyzed, and what cleanup levels will be required. Our clients find that because of the accuracy of our Site Characterizations and our knowledge of remedial processes and regulations, our Remedial Cost Estimates are both reasonable and realistic.


Geologic characterization for environmental and hazardous waste projects, geotechnical investigations or ground water supply programs, requires the use of a variety of different techniques. The Environmental Peoples’ hydrogeologists and geologists are trained and experienced in developing and implementing site geologic characterization for a wide variety of programs. Typical components of these program are: development of a conceptual site model; preparation of work plans; conducting the geologic investigations; performing data review and analysis; and preparation of a project report.


Our water resources group is comprised of specialized teams to provide our clients about surface water management, water quality studies, and water supply services. Our team of professional engineers, scientists and geologists are specifically dedicated to analysis, design and permitting of the ecological and water management aspects of projects. The specialized nature of our teams allows us to stay knowledgeable about current regulations and advancements to better assist the needs of our clients.


Experience has taught us that there is usually more than one way to clean up a site. Some remediation projects are as simple as excavation and off site disposal of impacted media; while others rely on applying both conventional and innovative technologies. Our understanding of fate and transport issues and the nature of various contaminates helps us evaluate and select the appropriate remedial solutions for our clients taking into account the potential liabilities associated with the lowest possible cost and shortest time to closure.