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Batac Towers (Site Assessment and Remediation)

While employed at another consulting firm Steve Cook directed, managed and assisted Batac Corporation with delineating soils impacted by hydraulic oils and remediating these impacted soils. Following remedial activities a soil and groundwater sampling plan [...]

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Hello world!

The Environmental People is an environmental consulting firm providing services in the public, industrial and private sectors. Our professional and technical staff has a long history of successfully executed projects throughout the southeast. We understand [...]

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Winter Springs Well Field Vulnerability Analysis

T race concentrations of volatile organic compounds were detected in three of Winter Springs’ seven water supply wells. Located in the western boundaries of the City, these wells provide 0.7 million gallons a day [...]

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Walt Disney World Laundry Facility Assessment and Remediation

T his site is the subject of a Consent Order Agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).  In March 1989, a perchloroethylene (PCE) filter ruptured and released approximately 150 gallons of PCE [...]

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Water Use, NPDES Industrial Wastewater and Environmental Permitting

Assisted Florida Mining Corporation with preparing and obtaining various permits which included SWFWMD Individual Water Use Permit, FDEP NPDES Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit of Non-Process Water, FDEP Environmental Resource Permit as well as United States [...]

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