Federal CERCLA and SARA laws provide an exemption for purchasers or lenders of real estate who conduct adequate due diligence studies to determine the environmental condition of property prior to purchase. If all appropriate inquiries are not conducted prior to acquisition, the purchaser or lender may become liable for the acts of previous owners which may have caused environmental damage to the land.



Our site assessments are performed in accordance with ASTM Standards for ESAs on commercial real estate (Practice E1527-….).  A Phase I ESA is intended to identify any obvious evidence of environmental concern on a site and provide a preliminary evaluation of risks and liabilities associated with the condition.

The Environmental People have conducted numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on a variety of property types, including undeveloped ground, shopping centers, and many types of commercial and industrial business operations.  These Phase I ESAs have been performed for sites located in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and other states in southeastern United States.  Our clients include purchasers, sellers, developers and lenders including banks, trusts, insurance companies and a variety of secondary lenders.  We are often requested to conduct technical reviews of reports which have been prepared by other environmental consultants